How to clean your nasty iron!!

Posted by Administrator on 7/26/2016 to News
Here is a short video to show you how I clean my irons! 

Things you need.

1-Awesome Cleaner.
2- Mr. Clean magic erasers. 
3- If you are sensitive to smells, use a mask. 
4- The iron has to be very hot and unplugged for the cleaner to work. You have to be very fast when cleaning an iron, if not the cleaner will get dry instantly. You can also use a protective glove so you don't get burned.

And obviously you need a nasty iron.  I let this one go this bad because I wanted to make this short video. 

First thing you do is to make sure the iron is super hot! (make sure you unplugg it before your start to clean it)

and here is the video , I apologize in advance, but you will hear my son talking around the .40 secs, lower your volume if you want.
You need to copy and paste the link on your browser.

After you finish cleaning it, you can use a wet towel to clean it all over. And here is the finished result.

Once you are ready to use it, make sure you try it on a different cloth before using it on the clothes you want to iron. Just to make sure there are no leaks or anything. (I have never had that happened to me, but just be safe)

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, feel free to share! 

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