Terms And Conditions - FAQ's

My website warns you if you 

already bought a design. 

You must be logged in for the 

warning to work, and you must 

click on each item/listing to show 

you the warning.

Note: if you add an item to the 

cart from any category without 

clicking on each item, it will not 

show you the warning at the 

shopping cart. 

Who can buy this designs?

People with an embroidery 

machine. I recommend you 

use an embroidery software 

if you want to edit and merge 

designs with letters.

What formats do you offer?


Do you offer refunds?

No I don't. This are digital downloads. 

Do you offer refunds on duplicate purchases? 

My website warns  you if you already bought a 

design. But if there was an error, I will 

give you credit for another design.

What payments do you accept?

You can pay with Paypal, or with a credit card.

Am I allowed to use your pictures?

Yes, but please remove my pics as soon 

as you stitch out the design. I strongly 

suggest you stitch your own design to 

show your customer. 

Terms and Conditions. 

This designs are to be used with an embroidery machine. They are not patches that you can iron on. You will receive a zipped folder, you need to 

unzip the folder, extract the formats/sizes you need. I am not responsible for the results you get if you resize the design. I try to make them fit 

most available sizes. I recommend you use an embroidery software if you want to edit, merge designs with letters. Due to the nature of this design 

being a digital download, there will be no refunds. I have the right to deny business to anyone who doesn't follow the policies.

You can use Applique World designs for personal use and small commercial use. For mass production, please contact me first. You are not 

allowed to sell, copy, share or trade my designs in anyway. Please don't remove any of my watermarks to replace it with yours. You are not 

allowed to create anything else that is not applique embroidery. Ex: Heat transfers, vinyl, etc. You can't merge my designs and sell them as your creations.